About Us

About Us

About Us

Nature's Finest,
Crafted For You

Introducing Basil Me Lemonade, the epitome of pure refreshment sourced from aquaponic farms. Our beverage combines the best of nature’s bounty, delivering 100% natural goodness without preservatives or GMOs.

Carefully selected basil leaves and succulent lemons ensure unparalleled flavor and nutritional value. Indulge in the invigorating taste of Basil Me Lemonade, where freshness, sustainability, and natural goodness converge.

Experience the harmony of aquaponic sourcing and the assurance of a beverage crafted with your well-being in mind. Basil Me Lemonade: Nature’s Finest, Crafted for You.


Our Purpose

Our Vision

"To be the forefront of natural refreshment, redefining the beverage industry with our commitment to 100% natural, preservative-free products sourced from aquaponic farms, inspiring a healthier and more vibrant world."

Our Mission

"Our mission is to deliver pure refreshment and conscious indulgence to consumers through our meticulously crafted, 100% natural beverages sourced from aquaponic farms. We aim to inspire healthier lifestyles and sustainable choices while delighting taste buds with the harmonious flavors of Basil Me."


Meet The Founder

Ryan Dunn


Ryan Dunn is CEO and Founder of Basil Me, LLC, a new beverage company that promotes healthy lifestyle choices, aiming to subtract sugar from regular diets, and adding other nutrients and phytochemicals that can be useful to the human body, through basil lemonade consumption.

This business came into existence through his work as a volunteer, becoming certified in Aquaponics (a food-production process that
promotes self-sufficiency and sustainability) at The Andrew and Walter Young Family YMCA in Atlanta, GA.

Ryan has always possessed an immense desire to lead and has, in effect, become a leader in his community. A graduate of Clark Atlanta University, with a background in Marketing, Ryan has forged key relationships throughout the city of Atlanta, establishing outstanding rapport with Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools, City Council and Fulton County Juvenile Court.

Ryan has 7+ years working with nonprofits, serving as Executive Director, created and facilitated programming which included: skill-building, fitness, making healthy lifestyle choices and decision-making strategies. He has a strong belief in perseverance, adopting and teaching the motto from his alma mater that he has always stood firmly on, “I’ll find a way or make one.”